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Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 Multiplayer

Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Perks

Perks form the prime attraction of any games. Truly, without perks, any game will look dull as well as boring. Why we should do all the hard work if we don’t get any bonus? Well, we just tried to sneak into the rumors that are centered around Call of Duty: Ghost 2 Perks. The gaming community has been set alive by the rumors related to COD: Ghosts 2. Even though few of the rumors are live on the internet forums, Infinity Ward has kept things in wraps. Even the busy bee has got very limited information on the perks that will be in Ghosts 2. However, we know how eager you have been to know about the Ghosts 2 Perks. Perks are not new on the Ghosts franchise. Before you get too excited, let us tell you that the complete list of Ghosts 2 perks has not been disclosed or published by Infinity Ward yet. However, it is rumored that Ghosts 2 might have some of the old classics, which might be renamed as well. Along with the old ones, there will be new ones as well which is definitely going to make things interesting. However, one thing which we …

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Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Weapons

You would be glad to know that Infinity Ward and Treyarch look to be teaming up once again and will be bringing out all the things that both die-hard gamers want to see new features of Multiplayer like: the list of weapons of Ghosts 2, maps, killstreaks and deathstreaks. The many rumors on the upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts 2 suggest some huge things coming including new multiplayer features, interesting story mode, dynamic gameplay and some of the best visuals we have seen in a game of this magnitude. Ghosts 2 weapons to copy few of previous part According to the previous title, the game features a variety of different weapons that can be customized with different items. Weapon collection is intensely personal. The way the guns are balanced within the given category, there is rarely one vastly superior weapons for an SMG or an Assault Rifle. Instead, it comes down to what you discovery most comfortable. Picking the right kind of weapon for the map and mode is more important than choosing one specific gun within the particular weapon class. Ghosts 2 weapons will use a feature to control your role on the battle area, from fast-moving SMG assault …

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Ghosts 2 killstreaks

Killstreaks in Ghosts: When you will kill over 3 enemies without dying, you are having a killstreak. Because it is not easy to kill so many people without you dying you wanna get rewarded for it. Apart from the fact that every player can see your killstreak, you will get extra bonuses for it. Those bonuses were first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, with you getting harder to kill and the enemy being hit out of nowhere. They killstreaks still go on together with the series, because it was something that made the players excited about. Killstreaks rewards in Ghosts: In previous versions of the Cal of duty series, the rewards were too OP, giving the user free kills every time they would use their reward. However, in the Ghosts, good rewards were harder to get. In order to get properly rewarded, you had to reach a big amount of kills. In Ghosts, the rewards for the killstreaks were divided into 3 categories. The assault(for offensive players), the support(vision and support) and the specialist (extra perks). It could include from anti-personnel grenades to helicopters with snipers and radars to locate enemy players. In Ghosts, the developers decided to …

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Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks

What were the deathstreaks? While approaching a new COD’s announcement for the new COD. A huge group of people wonder what will be Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks. As a starting point deathstreaks were introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and it carried over in Modern Warfare 3. It was a special skill that was helping the player to get back in the game after dying a few times in a row, without getting a single kill. Playing a first-person shooting game and dying all the time is really annoying, especially when playing against pros. Sometimes it can be just bad luck. The enemy is having a good killstreak when at the same time you eat dirt. In order to activate those skills, you had to die over 3 times in a row. However, death coming from an ally or suicide didn’t count. Well, somebody had to get the points for your death otherwise wouldn’t be fair. Deathstreaks skills: After a few times that you died in a row, you need some motivation to get back in the game. The deathstreak feature was giving you this possibility. The skills you were able to receive could have unlocked when respawning or …

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