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Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks

What were the deathstreaks?

While approaching a new COD’s announcement for the new COD. A huge group of people wonder what will be Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks. As a starting point deathstreaks were introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and it carried over in Modern Warfare 3. It was a special skill that was helping the player to get back in the game after dying a few times in a row, without getting a single kill. Playing a first-person shooting game and dying all the time is really annoying, especially when playing against pros. Sometimes it can be just bad luck. The enemy is having a good killstreak when at the same time you eat dirt. In order to activate those skills, you had to die over 3 times in a row. However, death coming from an ally or suicide didn’t count. Well, somebody had to get the points for your death otherwise wouldn’t be fair.

Deathstreaks skills:

After a few times that you died in a row, you need some motivation to get back in the game. The deathstreak feature was giving you this possibility. The skills you were able to receive could have unlocked when respawning or just before you die. For example, you could have increased movement speed for a limited time or copy your killer’s perks and weapons. Also, when dying you may drop a hand grenade or not being able to die apart from getting a head-shot or being attacked by a knife. The deathstreak was reset when you kill somebody. Well, when that happens your morale is already different, isn’t it? Next we are gonna talk about the Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks.

Ghosts Deathstreaks

The only games with the deathstreak feature are COD Modern Warfare 2 and 3. The developers may have decided that this feature was not necessary to be included in other games in the series. That’s why in Ghosts this feature doesn’t exist. A lot of people liked the fact about the special skills given by deathstreaks. At the same time, more players got annoyed because of the deathstreaks. A player would die at the moment he thought he took down his target and went to the next one. Getting killed by a player with the Last Stand when you thought you killed him, it would ruin your killstreak out of nowhere and your mood. Even worse when you would move to the next target and the dead would drop a grenade without you realizing. The development team based on professional players has taken it as a mistake, that they do not want to include in another game title in their series.

Call of Duty Ghosts 2

Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks:

One thing is certain about Ghosts 2 Deathstreaks: They will not exists. Since it was not included in the first part of Ghosts, it will be not into the second. However, the developers may need to make some changes into the game. Those changes will include perks and killstreak rewards. The one thing for sure is that they will not add the deathstreak feature just like that. It made a lot of Call of Duty fans to hate Modern Warfare 2 and 3, but at the same time, it kept a balance. The balance to make the tables turn around between those with high killstreaks and those who died all the time.

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