Ghosts 2 maps

New Features added for Ghosts.

New rumors are indicating that Activision is trying to make its games as realistic as possible as a new strategy to improve Call of Duty. In the first part of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision added new features to the game for the first time. These features depend on the surroundings in the maps, so once this feature is fully implemented you could turn the tables around between your team and the enemies. For example, by planting a bomb on a wall and blowing it up you could make a hole on it. Another example was when firing at a gas station the whole gas station would blow up, damaging everyone around. Every player had experienced weather conditions while playing previous games of the series. However, for the first time, they introduced natural disasters, like earthquakes. It was a very interesting idea with an unexpected turn of events, but it was not giving to players a good satisfaction since was just introduced.

Previous maps in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Call of Duty Ghosts 2

Call of Duty: Ghosts has included 14 different multiplayer and an extinction map into the game. The maps were taking place in various environments and surroundings. It included devastated towns, an outpost in Alaska and even a prison in the jungle. Most importantly, many players have found those maps not very interesting since the colours in them were pretty boring and tiring for them. On the other hand, , another issue with the maps was being too big. Of course, depending on what kind of mode you are playing and the number of people, you will need a balanced map. In order for the developing team to balance it for the players, consequently, they did make them slightly bigger than usual. With this happened, the players had to spend more time searching for their opponents. This had left many of them disappointed and bored  from the game.

Expected amount of Ghosts 2 maps.

Usually, in the Call of Duty series, the amount of maps per game is more than 10. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, the map count was 14, while in other games of COD series it was between 13 to 15 maps each. We should expect a similar amount of unique maps coming out in the Ghosts 2 maps. The maps may be similar to the Ghosts since it will be the same timeline. However, we are expecting much better graphics and slightly smaller size of them, which we discussed earlier in the ghosts 2 gameplay.

Ghosts 2 maps.

Since the Ghosts were the first Call of Duty part to introduce natural disasters in its maps, we are expecting that Ghosts 2 maps to be incredibly upgraded. They can introduce new features, like volcano eruptions or destroyed buildings. Collapsing buildings will kill you if you are within the range. On a battlefield in the end of the day, everything can be demolished. Those are going to be natural hazards for both of the teams to get easily distracted. Moreover, most of people who play the game in order to get as many kills as possible and be top scorers. However, is not easy to do that if you do not have a team backing you up. It is a team play after all. The players will have to put down the factors and make fast plan and decisions in order to achieve victory. 

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