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Ghosts 2 killstreaks

Killstreaks in Ghosts:

When you will kill over 3 enemies without dying, you are having a killstreak. Because it is not easy to kill so many people without you dying you wanna get rewarded for it. Apart from the fact that every player can see your killstreak, you will get extra bonuses for it. Those bonuses were first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, with you getting harder to kill and the enemy being hit out of nowhere. They killstreaks still go on together with the series, because it was something that made the players excited about.

Killstreaks rewards in Ghosts:

In previous versions of the Cal of duty series, the rewards were too OP, giving the user free kills every time they would use their reward. However, in the Ghosts, good rewards were harder to get. In order to get properly rewarded, you had to reach a big amount of kills. In Ghosts, the rewards for the killstreaks were divided into 3 categories. The assault(for offensive players), the support(vision and support) and the specialist (extra perks). It could include from anti-personnel grenades to helicopters with snipers and radars to locate enemy players. In Ghosts, the developers decided to make harder for the players to get good rewards. In order to get a good reward, you had to make over 7 kills. This has left many players disappointed. Looks like they tried to balance it for the players but they overdid it.

Ghosts 2 Killstreaks

About killstreaks in Ghosts 2 is a very big possibility that the number of kills for every step will remain the same. The basic a player should get to start a killstreak will be after 3 kills with him not dying. Also, just as in all the games the killstreak and the rewards received will reset after death. Unlike deathstreaks, which is generated once you die for several times. You do not wanna have enemies which will be impossible to kill. Also, nobody wants rewards that is hard to impossible to reach, especially in close range maps. There were many rumours that the killstreaks will carry over after death. That would be ridiculous and more important it doesn’t make any sense. That’s why is called a ”killstreak” and not a ”kill-count”.

Ghosts 2 killstreaks

Killstreaks Rewards in Ghosts 2:

Since the rewards for the killstreaks in the first part of the game was such a letdown, we expect something better from the developers. The rewards for their killstreaks is something that has attracted many players. It makes the multiplayer mode more interesting with new features to be tried out. How are supposed new players to first-person shooting games to reach 5 kills in a row without them dying in order to get just an anti-personnel grenade? You need 10 kills to get a juggernaut armor and a throwing knife? That’s pretty lame and they need to do something about it. They may also add new stuff, like remote-controlled missiles or allied tanks that will be able to provide you with offence and support. We believe also that the specialist strike package, is something unnecessary but we doubt that will be removed. 

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