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Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Perks

Perks form the prime attraction of any games. Truly, without perks, any game will look dull as well as boring. Why we should do all the hard work if we don’t get any bonus? Well, we just tried to sneak into the rumors that are centered around Call of Duty: Ghost 2 Perks. The gaming community has been set alive by the rumors related to COD: Ghosts 2. Even though few of the rumors are live on the internet forums, Infinity Ward has kept things in wraps. Even the busy bee has got very limited information on the perks that will be in Ghosts 2. However, we know how eager you have been to know about the Ghosts 2 Perks.

Call of Duty Ghosts 2 Perks

Perks are not new on the Ghosts franchise.

Before you get too excited, let us tell you that the complete list of Ghosts 2 perks has not been disclosed or published by Infinity Ward yet. However, it is rumored that Ghosts 2 might have some of the old classics, which might be renamed as well. Along with the old ones, there will be new ones as well which is definitely going to make things interesting. However, one thing which we hear might disappoint you as well. That is, Ghosts 2 will still have a limited number of slots to equip the perks, and you have to consider that some of the space will be consumed by your weapons as well. However, we can expect some more in terms of perks. People who are familiar with the COD franchise, they will definitely agree with this point.

Ghosts 2 Perks updates.

Also, there might be some new perks but we hear that the number of perks will be still 35.  The values assigned to the perk will still remain in the range of 1 to 5. The players will still have the pool of 8 points to spend on the perks. But maximum might get increased to 15 from 13 if you are willing to sacrifice the primary as well as second weapons or even tactical equipment. This option was there in Ghosts as well as in some other installments of COD, where you can sacrifice your opens to get some additional points. After all, we know that few things remain the same in all the version of COD, and has gradually become the trademark of this franchise. However, remember if you sacrifice your primary or secondary weapons, you will be left only with the knife which could be dangerous in certain combative situations.

How to unlock Ghosts 2 Perks?

How would you unlock the Ghosts 2 Perks? This is rumored to be the same as the previous one. Very simple if you reach a particular level you are entitled to certain perks. Basically, the perks will get unlocked once you reach a particular level. Or else, you can buy the perks by spending the squad points. You can expect Call of Duty Ghosts 2 perks in the categories of speed, handling, stealth, awareness, resistance, equipment, and elite. What we still don’t know is whether “Sleight of Hand (for faster reload)”, “Stalker (mover faster while you aim)”, “Steady Aim (Accuracy of hip fire is increased)” and “Incog(Helps you to stay off the radar), is still there or not. We seriously hope they are still there, as they were the best Ghosts 2 Perks.

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