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Ghosts 2 rumors

Ghosts 2 release rumors:

Call of duty Ghosts 2

There have been many rumors going on around regarding the coming Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. Many people were expecting Ghosts 2 to be released in 2017 or 2018, which has let them down. For everyone’s surprise, the Black Ops 4 came out. Therefore, a lot has lost their hope that will be a second part coming out. Those players are expecting that year will Modern Warfare 4 or Advanced Warfare 2 be released. In that case, that would be the end of the Ghosts. But, we think otherwise. We believe that finally this year Ghosts 2 will be released and in markets.

Ghosts 2 expectations:

One of the main things that Infinity Ward has not let us down is that they always improve. In order for them to do that is by listening to the people’s voices on what mistakes were made in the game. As a result, they will focus on improving what they did wrong in the previous title of the game. Regarding the previous title of the game, a lot of people were unhappy. There have been rumors on the Ghosts 2 that those mistakes will be fixed. Mistakes regarding the previous title were, for example, the number of perks, the quality of weapons, the player’s low health, too big maps and low killstreak rewards. We are expecting them to have focused on what didn’t work out for them, so they will keep the players happy.

Ghosts 2 added features:

What new features should we be expecting in the coming Ghosts 2 video game? In Ghosts, they added for the first time natural disasters, like earthquakes. Therefore, there are rumors that Ghosts 2 may bring new features to the game. Those will be used like natural hazards. For example, they can add a map on a mountain and during the game an avalanche would be created. Another example may be that during an engagement on a ship, a tsunami created by bombings in the sea is hitting you. Those hazards will have the goal to distract you. You may need to make fast decisions, regarding the situation you are at the moment. In order to do that you may need to change the whole strategy you had until that moment.

More rumors for Call of Duty Ghosts 2

One of the main rumors going on around regarding the Ghosts 2 is the storyline. Because in the previous title the story had a sudden finish, a lot of different theories have been created. There are people who believe that the main character will join the Federation and will be hunting down the remaining Ghosts. In order to do that, the kidnapped Logan(the main character) will have to be brainwashed. Another theory is that his friend will rescue him from wherever Logan will be held. Other rumors in Ghosts 2 storyline, is that the player will be playing as Logan’s friend (Mich), with the main villain in the game to be Logan himself. Well, it is only one way to find that out. To play the actual game when will come out.

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